• unique architectural services

    unique architectural services

    Structural Engineer Los Angeles

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  • superior quality projects

    superior quality projects

  • Residential and Commercial design projects

    Residential and Commercial design projects

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  • Performance base Structural Engineering

    Performance base Structural Engineering

  • unique architectural services
  • superior quality projects
  • Residential and Commercial design projects
  • Performance base Structural Engineering


There's nothing like having a unique designed structure
to come true your dreams in reallity.

Commercial Engineering

We visualize projects from the clients perspective, and implement cost methodologies to deliver superior quality projects.


Residential Engineering

Vista Structural provides comprehensive
engineering and unique architectural services.


We conceive, design, build, supervise, operate, construct,
and maintain infrastructure projects in the public or private sector.


The Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Planning and Design Guide is an initiative of VP-Corp.



We’re undertaking infrastructure upgrades to repair the street, and
improve comfort and safety for people walking and cycling around.


Make a home for yourself and everyone living with
you. Your pets and plants will thank you for it.

Schematic Design

This is the first phase to determine the project requirements and goals.


Construction Documents

The written documents prepared for, or made
available for, procuring and constructing the Work.

Vista Structural

Custom Service

Professional Engineering Services

We Can Help With Code Enforcement, Please see here

We Design buildings, Please see here

Structural Engineer and Architectural Design Los Angeles

Structural Engineering

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Architectural Design Los Angeles

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Civil Engineering Los Angeles

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